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Prequalifications and Tender Documents 2020/2022

Get to download our prequalification and tender document forms for 2020/2022. Click on the document name to DOWNLOAD
CLOSING DATE IS 18th Dec, 2019. All documents to be dropped at Kenpipe Sacco FOSA office (Kenya Pipeline HQ), next to Equity Bank.


  1. Name & Address of the business plus official email address.
  2. Registration/Incorporation No. [Attach copy]
  3. P.I.N No. [Attach copy]
  4. V.A.T No. [Attach copy]
  5. Current Business License [Attach copy]
  6. Certificate of compliance [Attach copy]
  7. Authorized dealer letter (If Any)[Attach copy] 


  1. A1: Supply delivery and maintenance  of ICT Equipment(computers, printers, Ipads,tablets and related equipment/accessories.
  2. A2: Supply and delivery of Promotional Materials.
  3. A3: Supply and delivery of Newspapers, Magazines, periodicals, Books, Journals, Publications and Library material.
  4. A4: Supply ,delivery and maintenance of office furniture ,fittings and office Equipment.
  5. A5: Supply and delivery of general stationery and computer consumables.
  6. A6: Supply and delivery of Assorted Hardware material.
  7. A7: Supply of bottled drinking water.


  1. B1:   Provision of graphic design and printing Services.
  2. B2:   Provision and maintenance services of networking services, structured cabling, telephone Telecommunication equipment.
  3. B3:   Provision of maintenance services for fire fighting equipment.
  4. B4:   Provision of archival services, label management & filling systems services.
  5. B5:   Provision of auctioneering services and court process servers (Registered firm with valid practising certificate).
  6. B6:   Provision of Valuation & Estate Agency Services(Attach valid practicing certificate).
  7. B7:   Provision of Legal Services.
  8. B8:   Provision of debt collection services.
  9. B9:   Provision of private investigation services.
  10. B10: Provision of Repair and Maintenance services for Air Conditioning Equipment and Mechanical Ventilation.
  11. B11: Provisions of team building facilitation services.
  12. B12: Provision of Public Relation, Communication and Branding Services.
  13. B13: Provision of Website design, hosting and maintenance services.
  14. B14: Provision of Marketing Services (Corporate registration with MSK).
  15. B15: Provision of garbage collection services.
  16. B16: Audit External & Taxation Services.
  17. B17: Provision of Insurance Services


  1. C1: Provision of Human Resource Consultancy services, training and capacity building.
  2. C2: Provision of Research and Survey services.
  3. C3: Provision of Consultancy services for Feasibility Study Development.
  4. C4: Provision of consultancy services for Business Plan Preparation.
  5. C5: Provision of consultancy services for Transaction Advisory Services.
  6. C6: Provision of Consultancy services for ICT,ICT Risk and ICT security audit services.
  7. C7: Provision of consultancy services for Project management Audit services.
  8. C8: Provision of consultancy services for legal and corporate Governance Audit services.


  1. D1: Provision of various Small Works including repair and maintenance of building, carpentry, masonry, electrical, and plumbing services (NCA registered firms only).
  2. D2: Repairs & maintenance of motor vehicle (Registered garages only).
  3. D3: Architects ,quality surveyor and Structural Engineer.

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