1. Name & Address of the business plus official email address.
  2. Registration/Incorporation No. [Attach copy]
  3. P.I.N No. [Attach copy]
  4. V.A.T No. [Attach copy]
  5. Current Business License [Attach copy]
  6. Certificate of compliance [Attach copy]
  7. Authorized dealer letter (If Any)[Attach copy] 


  1. A1: Supply delivery and maintenance  of ICT Equipment(computers, printers, Ipads,tablets and related equipment/accessories.
  2. A2: Supply and delivery of Promotional Materials.
  3. A3: Supply and delivery of Newspapers, Magazines, periodicals, Books, Journals, Publications and Library material.
  4. A4: Supply ,delivery and maintenance of office furniture ,fittings and office Equipment.
  5. A5: Supply and delivery of general stationery and computer consumables.
  6. A6: Supply of bottled drinking water.


  1. B1:   Provision of graphic design and printing Services.
  2. B2:   Provision and maintenance services of networking services, structured cabling, telephone Telecommunication equipment.
  3. B3:   Provision of maintenance services for fire fighting equipment.
  4. B4:   Provision of archival services, label management & filling systems services.
  5. B5:   Provision of auctioneering services and court process servers (Registered firm with valid practising certificate).
  6. B6:   Provision of Valuation & Estate Agency Services(Attach valid practicing certificate).
  7. B7:   Provision of Legal Services.
  8. B8:   Provision of debt collection services.
  9. B9:   Provision of private investigation services.
  10. B10: Provision of Repair and Maintenance services for Air Conditioning Equipment and Mechanical Ventilation.
  11. B11: Provisions of team building facilitation services.
  12. B12: Provision of Public Relation, Communication and Branding Services.
  13. B13: Provision of Website design, hosting and maintenance services.
  14. B14: Provision of Marketing Services (Corporate registration with MSK).
  15. B15: Provision of garbage collection services.
  16. B16: Audit External & Taxation Services.
  17. B17: Provision of Insurance Services


  1. C1: Provision of Human Resource Consultancy services, training and capacity building.
  2. C2: Provision of Research and Survey services.
  3. C3: Provision of Consultancy services for Feasibility Study Development.
  4. C4: Provision of consultancy services for Business Plan Preparation.
  5. C5: Provision of consultancy services for Transaction Advisory Services.
  6. C6: Provision of Consultancy services for ICT,ICT Risk and ICT security audit services.
  7. C7: Provision of consultancy services for Project management Audit services.
  8. C8: Provision of consultancy services for legal and corporate Governance Audit services.


  1. D1: Provision of various Small Works including repair and maintenance of building, carpentry, masonry, electrical, and plumbing services (NCA registered firms only).
  2. D2: Repairs & maintenance of motor vehicle (Registered garages only).
  3. D3: Architects ,quality surveyor and Structural Engineer.