Who We Are

The core business of the society is to provide a savings avenue to members and advancing loans to them. This is still the focus of the society. Diversification opportunities will be looked into within the context of the core business. The feeling of the society is that success will come from concentrating on this initial core business.

Kenpipe’ SACCO offers savings and credit services to members countrywide. The Society has currently substantive membership from Kenya Pipeline Company Limited but has expanded its common bond. The potential membership of the Society is government officers, private institutions and persons of various entrepreneurships. Specifically, the huge potential members under Micro savings and credit are the entrepreneurs, self help groups, farmer groups and others in the community.

Micro savings and credit products and services is provided through organized associations, groups and the informal merry go round groups who are involved in valuable forms of savings mobilization for a common group purpose and alleviating member's financial burdens. These include women and youth groups and retirees groups. These organized grassroots associations constitute the market/clientele of the Society.
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"First choice financial solution partner"
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"Provision of competitive financial services and investment opportunities"
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Innovative, Professionalism, Ethical and social Responsibility, Sincerity & Accountability (IPESA)


  1. Innovative :- We strive to develop products and services that effectively meet the current and future financial needs of its members.
  2. Professionalism :- We adhere to impeccable and beyond reproach professional and personal standards in the conduct of its affairs. The society offers its services effectively and efficiently to all members.
  3. Ethical and Social Responsibility:- We are committed to fulfilling its civic duty and as such they is devoted to ensure the welfare of the community and the environment.
  4. Sincerity :- Truthfulness, transparency and integrity in serving our members and other stakeholders.
  5. Accountability :-  We are accountable to our members, the government and other stakeholders. We ensure that the culture of accountability is embodied in our internal stakeholders both individually and collectively.